Axle Rubix
Biographical information
Other names Amazingly Bearded Man (ABM)
Status Alive
Physical description
Species Seemingly human
Gender Male
Skin color White
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
First appearance Episode 1
Last appearance Episode 6
Portrayed by Scott Hampson
Axle Rubix is a mysterious individual who was responsible for the destruction of an entire city and who is now on the run from government agents.[1] Axle met Gage Mann and Ava in the Dustlands, and was given a lift to Shade in Gage's RV.[2] Before Axle had to run from the authorities, he was the best friend of Les North, the founder of Shade and creator of the Cure. Axle was known for exploring the zones outside of Shade, particularly the Dustlands where he found nurmerous survivors.[3]

Axle currently has a 1,000,000 SUD bounty on his head, given out by the Superintelligence Agency.[4]

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Axle Rubix was the best friend of Les North, the founder of the city of Shade and the creator of the mysterious "Cure". Axle was not known for being good with people, so it came as no surprise to anyone when he abandoned Les to go look for survivors in the Dustlands. Les gave him a bike called "Coopy", which Les loved very much, and Axle somehow got it blown up.

Axle left records of each zone he explored outside of Shade, and the total number of survivors found. A map of one of the explored zones can be found in the Axle Rubix Museum, which was formerly Axle's house in Shade.

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