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Dynamo, stylized as DYNAMO, is an American dystopian cyberpunk science fiction web television series created by Ian Hubert and Scott Hampson. The story is a puzzle made up of many interlocking story pieces and a cast of multiple characters and viewpoints. The series was created by Ian Hubert and Scott Hampson and produced under their company KarmaPirates. So far there are six episodes, and about twelve more filmed.[1]

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On July 21, 2016, it was announced on the official DYNAMO Facebook page that there were plans to film material enough for about 5-6 episodes more. It was estimated by Ian Hubert that they would end up with about 50-60 minutes of DYNAMO content ready to be worked on and polished.[2] On December 4, 2018 Ian Hubert posted on his Twitter that they have filmed 12 episodes in parallel.[3] On December 18, 2018, Ian Hubert announced in a behind-the-scenes video of DYNAMO ep6 that he and his crew have 2 hours of DYNAMO filmed and mostly edited, and that they just need to put the pieces together.[4]

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Main series Episode No. Release Date
"Episode 1" 1 January 12, 2012
In which the Amazingly Bearded Man (ABM) wards off the Flesh Bats, and Ava makes bad decisions.
"Episode 2: Kavonaghan" 2 March 11, 2012
In which we meet The Best Warrior.
"Episode 3" 3 July 16, 2012
In which the Amazingly Bearded Man cuts his hair.
"Episode 4" 4 November 11, 2012
In which Axle Rubix kills an avid reader.
"Episode 5" 5 May 21, 2014
In which Axle eats a cookie, and we explore the benefits of waterproof cardboard.
"Episode 6" 6 December 4, 2018
In which Axle Rubix disrespects museum property.

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