Episode 2: Kavonaghan
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Episode 2
Original premiere date May 11, 2012
Setting Erika Kavonaghan's home in the Dustlands

The Dustlands

Written by Ian Hubert and Scott Hampson
Directed by Ian Hubert
Starring Ty Bonneville as Erika Kavonaghan
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Episode 2: Kavonaghan, stylized as ep2: Kavonaghan, is the second installment of Dynamo. Episode 2 was released on May 11, 2012 on via the KarmaPirates channel. This is the shortest of the episodes of the series with a running time of 5 minutes and 7 seconds. The episode revolves around Erika Kavonaghan who lives in the Dustlands. The official plot synopsis given by KarmaPirates says "Episode 2 of Dynamo. In which we meet The Best Warrior."[1]

The first and the last scene of the episode is in black and white to mimic the Kawasaki samurai films Kavonaghan uses to teach herself sword fighting.[1]

Plot synopsis Edit

We meet Erika Kavonaghan who has been brought up in the Dustlands on Kawasaki films, and follows a normal day in her life as a loner in the Dustlands.[1]

Full plot summary Edit

We are introduced to Kavonaghan during a night when she projects a Kawasaki film on the back door of her home, the wreckage of an aircraft. She mimics the movements of the actors, practising her swordsplay with a katana. Erika then rests while a campfire is lit. The next day she scouts the Dustlands, and finds a crashed car with a dead driver. She searhces through the vehicle and finds a bottle of Dr Lemur's. We cut to Kavonaghan handing a sword to a zombie. She bows to the zombie, before drawing her own blade and knocking the zombie's weapon out of its hand. She picks up the blade and hands it to the zombie again, knocking it out of his hand one more time.

Afterwards Kavonaghan opens the bottle of Dr Lemur's and takes a big gulp from it, but spits it out with contempt. She takes another sip and spits it out also.

After this we see her laying in a couch in the desert, singing "You are my sunshine, you are my sunshine, you are my sunshine, you are my sunshine, the skies are grey. So please don't take my sunshine." She then takes the bottle of Dr Lemur's and places it on the ground, then strikes it with her katana a couple times before it breaks.

Later, during the night, she gets into a machine gun turret of her airplane home and guns down a zombie in the wastelands below. She watches more of the Kawasaki film from the beginning, and subtitles appear, telling us that the master swordsman has taught her all he knows, and that she must go on an important mission, which is to kill Axle Rubix.[1]

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