Les North
Biographical information
Age(d) 30s presumably
Born Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation(s) Head of government
Position(s) Founder of Shade

Creator of "the Cure"

Affiliation(s) Shade government

Superintelligence Agency

Resides Shade
Weapon(s) used Powers
Physical description
Species Human presumably
Gender Male
Skin color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
First appearance Episode 5
Last appearance Episode 6 (mentioned)
Portrayed by Aaron Moore

Les North is the founder of the city of Shade, and the creator of the mysterious "Cure". He has similar powers to those of Axle Rubix, whom he used to be best friends with.[1]

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Les has powers similar to those of Axle Rubix, allowing him to teleport from one place to another. When using this power, his body will glow light blue and become translucent, emit a bright light blue flash of light and dematerialize, leaving behind light blue strands in the air resembling bolts of electricty, which break up into particles and fade away. Materializing, his body will appear out of nowhere, translucent, largely formless and glowing light blue, as a light blue flash is emitted and bolts of electricity surround his body. Gradually, but quickly, his body takes its regular shape and become solid, and the "electrical bolts" will dissipate into particles like when dematerializing.[2]

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