General information
Residents Gage Mann, Ava, Liz, Maxwell Sterling, William Fender, Wahlberg, Stanton, Les
Physical information
Location Dustlands, Exemplar State
First appearance Episode 1
Last appearance Episode 5
Shade is the name of a large city located in the Exemplar State. It is the only known city in Exemplar State and may also be the last city. The city is surrounded by a high wall.
Shade subway

Layout of Shade's subway system.

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Shade Tower Edit

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The tallest building in Shade, located in the center of Shade.

Shade Public Library Edit

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The Colorbar Edit

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Superintelligence Agency Edit

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Shade Metro Edit

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Shade Metro or Shade Subway is a rapid transit system owned by the city of Shade. The metro system has 229 stations, located throughout the boroughs of Residental areas, Developmental areas (including Westhill Mine), the Business District, the Industrial District. Two lines, the Port Home line and the Single Cross line, go to Shade Tower.